2021-22 tuition fees are effective for programs and courses starting August 15, 2021 onwards.
This information contains all mandatory fees such as Tuition, Activity, Health & Dental, Student Association, Education Technology, and Development fees. Fees may vary depending on campus. For details on ancillary fee amounts, please see the Fees section in the Calendar: www.okanagan.bc.ca/calendar.
For academic programs (e.g. Arts, Science, Business, and Technology), individual costs will vary depending on the student's course load or specialization.
Annual extended Student Health and Dental will be charged for academic students taking nine or more credits per semester and for all other students that are in programs 16 weeks or longer. Information on opting out of Health and Dental is available through the OCSU (Kelowna, Penticton, Salmon Arm www.ocsu.ca) or VSAOC (Vernon www.vsaoc.ca).
The tuition and fee amounts listed are for domestic students only. International students should contact the Okanagan College International Education office for fee information.
Please see www.okanagan.bc.ca/tuition.pdf for a PDF version of all fees listed below.
Please see www.okanagan.bc.ca/detailedtuition.pdf for a detailed breakdown of fees listed below.
All amounts are approximate and subject to change.
INDIVIDUAL ACADEMIC COURSESCreditsTuition per CreditAncillary Fees - CollegeAncillary Fees - Student Assn. *Health & DentalTotal Tuition & Fees
Business3164.1118.85see belowN/A511.18
Computer Information Systems (lower level)3155.4318.40see belowN/A484.69
Computer Information Systems (upper level)3158.5418.56see belowN/A494.18
Arts/Science (lecture only)3120.6016.59see belowN/A378.39
Arts/Science (lecture/lab)3142.9817.75see belowN/A446.69
Technology (lecture only)3125.4516.84see belowN/A393.19
Technology (lecture/lab)3148.7518.06see belowN/A464.31
* Ancillary Fees - Student Association will apply as follows:
BC Federation of StudentsKel., Pent.,Salm. Arm $0.85 per billing credit to a semester max of $9.59
BC Federation of Students ABEKel., Pent.,Salm. Arm $0.71 per ABE course
Media FundKel., Pent.,Salm. Arm $2.6 per semester
Student Union FeesVernon7% of assessed tuition to a semester max of $91.8
Student Union Fees => 9 creditsKel., Pent.,Salm. Arm61.86
Student Union Fees < 9 creditsKel., Pent.,Salm. Arm30.93
Capital FundVernon$8.50 per semester
ARTSLengthTuitionAncillary Fees - CollegeAncillary Fees - Student Assn.Health & DentalTotal Tuition & Fees
Applied Bachelor of Arts: Community Research and Evaluation Year 1 (of 4)3,685.14392.96153.30500.004,731.40
Associate of ArtsYear 1 (of 2)3,752.28392.96153.30500.004,798.54
Associate of Arts Bridge into BBASee BUSINESS
Communications, Culture and Journalism DiplomaYear 1 (of 2)3,618.00392.96153.30500.004,664.26
Criminal & Social Justice DiplomaYear 1 (of 2)3,618.00392.96153.30500.004,664.26
Environmental Studies DiplomaYear 1 (of 2)3,685.14392.96153.30500.004,731.40
International Development Diploma - GovernanceYear 1 (of 2)3,618.00392.96153.30500.004,664.26
International Development Diploma - ManagementYear 1 (of 2)4,270.65392.96153.30500.005,316.91
Writing & Publishing DiplomaYear 1 (of 2)4,140.12392.96153.30500.005,186.38
Advanced Communication CertificateEntire Program2,170.80227.1776.65250.002,724.62
SCIENCELengthTuitionAncillary Fees - CollegeAncillary Fees - Student Assn.Health & DentalTotal Tuition & Fees
Associate of ScienceYear 1 (of 2)4,155.12392.96153.30500.005,201.38
Bachelor of Computer Information SystemsYear 1 (of 2)4,479.96392.96153.30500.005,526.22
Common First Year Engineering CertificateSee TECHNOLOGIES
Computer Information Systems DiplomaYear 1 (of 2)4,479.96392.96153.30500.005,526.22
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Years 1 and 2)See HEALTH & SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT
Kinesiology DiplomaYear 1 (of 2)4,020.84392.96153.30500.005,067.10
Kinesiology Diploma Pathway to the BBASee BUSINESS
Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Marketing and Data AnalyticsEntire 2 Years8,351.13392.96153.30500.009,397.39
Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Health AnalyticsEntire 2 Years8,351.13392.96153.30500.009,397.39
HEALTH & SOCIAL DEVELOPMENTLengthTuitionAncillary Fees - CollegeAncillary Fees - Student Assn.Health & DentalTotal Tuition & Fees
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Years 1 and 2)Years 1 & 211,305.86786.07296.20500.0012,888.13
Certified Dental Assistant CertificateEntire Program4,311.48352.04151.43250.005,064.96
Early Childhood Education - Infant Toddler CertificateEntire Program1,844.35156.5865.100.002,066.02
Early Childhood Education DiplomaEntire 2-year Program7,098.94608.91250.57500.008,458.43
Health Care Assistant (Kelowna, Salmon Arm)Entire Program2,954.52267.31104.29250.003,576.11
Health Care Assistant (Vernon)Entire Program2,954.52267.31151.96250.003,623.79
Human Service Work DiplomaEntire 2-year Program6,691.12524.29161.90500.007,877.31
Pharmacy Technician CertificateEntire Program9,613.22342.23146.62250.0010,352.07
Practical Nursing Diploma (Kelowna, Penticton, Salmon Arm)Entire 18-month Program11,276.24541.00217.74250.0012,284.99
Practical Nursing Diploma (Vernon)Entire 18-month Program11,276.24541.00377.40264.0012,458.64
Therapist Assistant DiplomaEntire 2-year Program7,476.00722.69228.68500.008,927.37
TECHNOLOGIES (INCL. ANIMATION)LengthTuitionAncillary Fees - CollegeAncillary Fees - Student Assn.Health & DentalTotal Tuition & Fees
Animation DiplomaEntire 2-year Program25,245.63785.66296.20500.0026,827.49
Civil Engineering Technology DiplomaEntire 2-year Program11,069.58786.48296.20500.0012,652.26
Civil Engineering Tech. Bridge to UBC-OkanaganEntire 5-course Bridge1,980.63196.2174.05250.002,500.89
Common First Year Engineering CertificateEntire program5,446.77393.24148.10250.006,238.11
Electronic Engineering Technology DiplomaEntire 2-year Program10,932.58955.42296.20500.0012,684.20
Electronic Engineering Tech. Bridge to UBC-OkanaganEntire 6-course Bridge2,369.86196.6274.05250.002,890.53
Mechanical Engineering Technology DiplomaEntire 2-year Program10,987.64786.48296.20500.0012,570.32
Mechanical Engineering Tech. Bridge to UBC-OkanaganEntire 4-course Bridge1,514.34165.2574.05250.002,003.64
Infrastructure and Computing Technology DiplomaEntire 2-year Program10,314.63945.66296.20500.0012,056.49
Sustainable Building Technology DiplomaEntire 2-year Program13,091.12786.48296.20500.0014,673.80
Water Engineering Technology DiplomaEntire 2.5-year Program10,636.37786.48296.20750.0012,469.05
BUSINESSLengthTuitionAncillary Fees - CollegeAncillary Fees - Student Assn.Health & DentalTotal Tuition & Fees
Bachelor of Business AdministrationYear 1 (of 4)4,923.30392.96153.30500.005,969.56
Business Administration DiplomaYear 1 (of 2)4,923.30392.96153.30500.005,969.56
Business Administration CertificateEntire Program4,923.30392.96153.30500.005,969.56
Business Studies CertificateAll 18 credits (6 courses)2,953.98346.52153.30500.003,953.80
Commerical Aviation DiplomaYears 1 & 2 incl. flying hoursincl. simulator hoursand tuition/fees-~69,000
Commercial Helicopter Pilot Certificate2 semesters plus 12 academic creditsincl. flying hoursincl. simulator hoursand tuition/fees~68,000
Office Management CertificateEntire Program4,923.30392.96153.30500.005,969.56
Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Accounting, Marketing, or HRYear 1 (of 2)4,923.30392.96153.30500.005,969.56
Post-Diploma Certificate in Business AdministrationAll 18 credits (6 courses)2,953.98346.52153.30500.003,953.80
Kinesiology Pathway to the BBAYear 1 (of 3)4,923.30392.96153.30500.005,969.56
Associate of Arts Bridge into BBAYear 1 (of 3)4,923.30392.96153.30500.005,969.56
Technology and CIS Bridge into BBAYear 1 (of 3)4,923.30392.96153.30500.005,969.56
FOOD, WINE AND TOURISMLengthTuitionAncillary Fees - CollegeAncillary Fees - Student Assn.Health & DentalTotal Tuition & Fees
Bakery (Apprenticeship)See Apprenticeship
Culinary Arts Certificate50 weeks4,759.60841.84168.00250.006,019.44
Culinary Management Diploma Entire Program9,118.65751.93316.10750.0010,936.68
Pastry Arts Certificate50 weeks5,180.011,280.82165.18250.006,876.01
Professional Cook (Apprenticeship)See Apprenticeship
Viticulture (Certificate)307 hours3,391.00
Wine Sales147 hours1,772.00
Winery Assistant308 hours4,231.00
OFFICE ADMINISTRATIONLengthTuitionAncillary Fees - CollegeAncillary Fees - Student Assn.Health & DentalTotal Tuition & Fees
Accounting and Bookkeeping Assistant (Kelowna)20 weeks2,401.98238.8588.20250.002,979.03
Administrative Assistant (Kelowna, Penticton, Salmon Arm)37 weeks4,233.20357.80154.27250.004,995.27
Administrative Assistant (Vernon)37 weeks4,174.87354.01223.38264.005,016.26
Legal Admin Assistant - Corporate/Conveyancing19 weeks2,308.41226.9681.48250.002,866.85
Legal Admin Assistant Certificate - Litigation18 weeks2,094.22213.5973.92250.002,631.73
Medical Administrative Assistant Entire Program2,536.64118.880.000.002,655.52
Office Assistant Certificate (Kelowna, Penticton, Salmon Arm)17 weeks1,944.46209.1371.40250.002,474.99
Office Assistant Certificate (Vernon)17 weeks1,944.46209.13104.04264.002,521.63
TRADES DIPLOMAS LengthTuitionAncillary Fees - CollegeAncillary Fees - Student Assn.Health & DentalTotal Tuition & Fees
Automotive Service Technology DiplomaEntire 2-year Program11,142.601,287.04252.00500.0013,181.64
Collision Repair Technician DiplomaEntire 2-year Program11,142.601,287.04252.00500.0013,181.64
Culinary Management Diploma Entire Program9,118.65751.93316.10750.0010,936.68
Trades Technology Teacher Diploma (OC courses only)All OC courses1,476.30123.84N/AN/A1,600.14
TRADES FOUNDATION LengthTuitionAncillary Fees - CollegeAncillary Fees - Student Assn.Health & DentalTotal Tuition & Fees
Aircraft Maintenance Technician2-year Program OC Portion (add. fees due at NLC)8,320.13933.21278.46264.009,795.81
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer S-License37 weeks6,765.82774.35154.23250.007,944.40
Automotive Collision Repair/ Painting and Refinishing Technician36 weeks4,283.64755.66150.58250.005,439.88
Automotive Service Technician Foundation33 weeks3,926.67699.59138.60250.005,014.86
Carpenter Joiner30 weeks3,569.70643.52126.00250.004,589.22
Carpenter Foundation (Kelowna, Penticton, S.Arm, Revelstoke) 30 weeks3,569.70418.34126.00250.004,364.04
Carpenter Foundation (Vernon)30 weeks3,569.70418.34183.60264.004,435.64
Culinary Arts Certificate50 weeks4,759.60841.84168.00250.006,019.44
Electrician (Kelowna, Penticton, Salmon Arm)24 weeks2,855.76531.38100.80250.003,737.94
Electrician (Vernon)24 weeks2,855.76531.38146.88264.003,798.02
Heavy Mechanical Foundation38 weeks4,521.62793.04157.88250.005,722.54
Pastry Arts Certificate50 weeks5,180.011,280.82165.18250.006,876.01
Plumbing and Piping Trades (Kelowna, Penticton, S.Arm) 25 weeks2,974.75550.07105.00250.003,879.82
Plumbing and Piping Trades (Vernon)25 weeks2,974.75550.07153.00264.003,941.82
Recreation Vehicle Technician31 weeks3,768.41674.73133.01250.004,826.16
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic25 weeks2,974.75550.07105.00250.003,879.82
Sheet Metal Worker20 weeks2,379.80456.6284.00250.003,170.42
Studio Woodworking38 weeks5,723.72793.04157.88250.006,924.64
Welder Foundation (Kelowna, Penticton, Salmon Arm)28 weeks3,331.72606.14117.60250.004,305.46
Welder Foundation (Vernon)28 weeks3,331.72606.14171.36264.004,373.22
Welding B16 weeks1,903.84340.4567.20250.002,561.49
Welding A8 weeks951.92190.9333.600.001,176.45
APPRENTICESHIP LEVELSLevel (weeks)TuitionAncillary Fees - CollegeAncillary Fees - Student Assn.Health & DentalTotal Tuition & Fees
Automotive Body and Collision TechnicanLevel 1 (7 weeks)832.9393.4229.40N/A955.75
Automotive Glass TechnicanLevel 1 (2 weeks)237.9827.248.40N/A273.62
Automotive PainterLevel 1 (4 weeks)475.9654.4816.80N/A547.24
Automotive Refinishing Technician HarmonizedLevel 2 (3 weeks)356.9740.8612.60N/A410.43
Automotive Service Technician HarmonizedLevel 1 - 4 (7 weeks)832.9393.4229.40N/A955.75
BakerLevel 2 (3 weeks)356.9740.8612.60N/A410.43
Carpenter Harmonized (Kelowna, Penticton, Salmon Arm)Level 1 to 4 each (7 weeks)832.9393.4229.40N/A955.75
Carpenter Harmonized (Vernon)Level 1 to 4 each (7 weeks)832.9393.4242.84N/A969.19
Domestic/Commercial Gasfitter HarmonizedLevel 1 and 2 (10 weeks)1,189.90115.7142.00N/A1,347.61
Electrician Harmonized Level 1 to 4 each (10 weeks)1,189.90115.7142.00N/A1,347.61
Heavy Mechanical TradesLevel 1 (10 weeks)1,189.90115.7142.00N/A1,347.61
Heavy Mechanical TradesLevel 2 (8 weeks)951.92100.8533.60N/A1,086.37
Heavy Mechanical Trades Level 3 (6 weeks)713.9481.7225.20N/A820.86
Heavy Duty Equipment TechnicianLevel 4 (4 weeks)475.9654.4816.80N/A547.24
Motor Vehicle Body Repairer (Automotive Collision Repair Technician)Level 1 and 2 each (5 weeks) 594.9568.1021.00N/A684.05
Motor Vehicle Body Repairer (Automotive Collision Repair Technician)Level 3 (6 weeks)713.9481.7225.20N/A820.86
Plumber Harmonized (Kelowna, Penticton, Salmon Arm) Level 1 (7 weeks)832.9393.4229.40N/A955.75
Plumber Harmonized (Vernon)Level 1 (7 weeks)832.9393.4242.84N/A969.19
Plumber Harmonized (Kelowna, Penticton, Salmon Arm)Level 2 (8 weeks)951.92100.8533.60N/A1,086.37
Plumber Harmonized (Vernon)Level 2 (8 weeks)951.92100.8548.96N/A1,101.73
Plumber Level 3 (6 weeks)713.9481.7225.20N/A820.86
Plumber Harmonized (Kelowna, Penticton, Salmon Arm) Level 3 (7 weeks)832.9393.4229.40N/A955.75
Plumber Level 4 (8 weeks)951.92100.8533.60N/A1,086.37
Professional CookLevel 1 to 3 each (6 weeks)713.9481.7225.20N/A820.86
Recreational Vehicle Service Technician Level 1 to 3 each (8 weeks)951.92100.8533.60N/A1,086.37
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic HarmonizedLevel 1 (6 weeks)951.92100.8533.60N/A1,086.37
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic HarmonizedLevel 2 (7 weeks)1,189.90115.7142.00N/A1,347.61
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic HarmonizedLevel 3 (10 weeks)1,189.90115.7142.00N/A1,347.61
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic Level 4 (8 weeks)951.92100.8533.60N/A1,086.37
Sheet Metal Worker HarmonizedLevel 1 to 3 (8 weeks)951.92100.8533.60N/A1,086.37
Sheet Metal WorkerLevel 4 (6 weeks)713.9481.7225.20N/A820.86
Steamfitter/Pipefitter HarmonizedLevels 1 and 3 each (7 weeks)832.9393.4229.40N/A955.75
Steamfitter/PipefitterLevels 1 - 3 each (6 weeks)594.9568.1021.00N/A684.05
Steamfitter/PipefitterLevel 4 (8 weeks)951.92100.8533.60N/A1,086.37
Truck and Transport MechanicLevel 4 (4 weeks)475.9654.4816.80N/A547.24
Welder (Kelowna, Penticton, Salmon Arm) HarmonizedLevel 1 to 2 each (8 weeks)951.92100.8533.60N/A1,086.37
Welder (Kelowna, Penticton, Salmon Arm) HarmonizedLevel 3 (10 weeks)1,189.90115.7142.00N/A1,347.61
Challenge Test0.00
Class A Pressure Welder0.00
CWB Test - All Positions0.00
CWB Test - 3 Positions0.00
CWB Test - 2 Positions0.00
CWB Test - 1 Positions0.00
BCP100 Test0.00
P.W.P. Test0.00
Job Test for Employers0.00
CWB Per Plate Cost0.00
CONTINUING STUDIESTotal HoursTotal TuitionAdditional Information
Aboriginal Community Support Worker3755,824
Advanced GIS5007,955
Audio Engineering and Music Production7309,579
Autism Spectrum811,960
AutoCAD Skills1603,386
Basic Accounting66636
Bookkeeping Bridging (Distance)135391Additional Fees for Distance course materials
Building Service Worker721,331
Computer Basics for Business871,634
Computer Proficiency for Business1202,275
Dental Office Administrative Assistant1201,609
Education Assistant4174,258
Esthetics and Nail Technology1,10010,710
Floral Design1502,085
Gastroenterology Nursing (Distance)8106,342
CONTINUING STUDIES Total HoursTotal TuitionAdditional Information
Hospitality and Tourism1241,076
Interior Decorating1621,768
Introduction to Office Administration2163,849
Landscape Horticulture1201,309
Leadership and Change3,960
Leadership Skills902,502
Learner Centred Instructor 601,064Additional Fees for Distance course materials
LPN Orthopaedic7,620
Medical Device Reprocessing8145,158
Medical Office Assistant2543,699
Nursing Unit Assistant4245,504
Occupational Health & Safety2726,490
PeriAnesthesia NursingN/A7,500
Project Management1054,589
Residential Building Drafting Technician1683,112
Service and Support in a Learner-Centred Organization601,029Additional Fees for Distance course materials
Teaching English To Speakers of Other Languagesvariable3,861
Teaching English ato Speakers of Other Manguages3,861
Teaching English as a Second Language1402,702
Wine Sales1471,772plus ~ $115.50 for materials and GST
Winery Assistant3084,231