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Aboriginal #148 Business #192
Date Posted
Jun 10, 2021
Application Deadline
Jun 25, 2021
Job Title
Academic Records Management Coordinator
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Employment Type
None 1 year
How To Apply
Submit your resume to: Human Resources EN’OWKIN CENTRE 154 Enowkin Trail Penticton, BC V2A 0E1 Email: Fax: 250 493-5302
Job Description
Academic Records Management Coordinator Location: Enowkin Centre, Penticton, BC Position Specification: One year Maternity Leave Backfill Application Deadline: Friday June 25th, 2021 The Academic Records Maintenance Coordinator will manage student and administrative data systems and interface systems between the Centre and the Universities and Colleges with which we affiliate. The position will be responsible to ensure that all systems are functional, up-to-date and data input is completed and secure, for all student records and other records as required; including but not limited to alumni, friends and sponsors. Duties: • Develop and maintain an accurate database, student registration and records, and file systems for past and current students including data elements dictionary, data back-up and system controls. • Manage a system interface between the En’owkin Centre which is compatible with Affiliated Institutional systems and develop a compatible system for data management. • Updates the En’owkin Centre database system and records and the data element dictionary and implements access controls. Defines various elements of the database in standard terminology and develop a database system manual for input and data analysis. Oversees the installation, modification and utilization of databases including testing and debugging. • Analyzes application programs and systems, proposed and installed for effective program use and management. • Develops and implements appropriate database back-up, recovery and reorganization tasks as per IT Security. • Monitors the use of on-line database storage resources. Participates in the evaluation and selection of data storage and retrieval equipment and database systems software. Assists in the preparation of purchasing specifications for hardware and software for data support services. • Generate various analytical reports required by the affiliate institutions or funders or the management decisions as assigned. • Design and administer the appropriate student application and course registration, course transfer/equivalency request forms for on-line access by students. • Assist in the development of automated systems for registration, sponsorship letter requests and program reporting, in particular for DSTC, ACCESS programs, but also for other programs. • Develop and monitor checklist for all registration requirements. • Work with Education Coordinator and faculty to determine and finalize class lists, grade rosters, syllabi, grade changes, and inform faculty and students regarding course add and drop dates and requirements for the institutions with which we affiliate. • Work with Education Coordinator to ensure that all required forms including registration, admission letters, grade rosters, course syllabi, course and directed study requests, grade changes, add/drop forms, opt-out forms course transfer and equivalency forms, convocation forms and certificate applications (i.e. Dogwood) and other forms are completed, submitted, filed, stored or catalogued appropriately (electronic and/or hardcopy) and in a timely manner. • Develop and implement a system to track the flow of information between the students, sponsors, faculty and other institutions. • Work with Accounting to provide appropriate information for invoicing purposes, in an effective and timely manner as per accounting and affiliation requirements. • Upload student academic records off-site as per PCTIA requirements. • Administer faculty evaluation forms.