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Health & Social Development #404
Date Posted
Jun 01, 2021
Application Deadline
Aug 31, 2021
Dr Gary Wessels Inc
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Certified Dental Assistant
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Please send resume to
Job Description
We’re looking for an enthusiastic, highly skilled clinician to be part of our growth-oriented, caring team. We’re committed to providing personalized, proactive dentistry through authentic relationships. Our primary focus is lifting up each other and our patients which creates full and rewarding days. We love to have fun and consider ourselves extended family. What makes us different?  We look people in the eye and talk at their level, so they feel safe and welcome  We use intentional scheduling to make the most of our time and collaborate to stay prepared  We don’t cut corners and stay up to date on our training and delivery methods  We meet every morning to align our priorities and celebrate our wins…even the small ones!  We celebrate birthdays to fulfill our love for cake and we love team coffee runs!  We dress up for Halloween because it’s fun The bottom line for us is to honor the deep and inherent value in every person we come into contact with, whether they’re on our team or in our treatment chair.