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Science & Technology #142 Summer/Seasonal #251
Date Posted
May 26, 2021
Application Deadline
Jun 21, 2021
Salmon Arm Fair
Job Title
Virtual website and App builder for Salmon Arm Fair
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Salmon Arm
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How To Apply
For more information or to submit your application, please contact Jim McEwan
Job Description
Virtual website and App builder for Salmon Arm Fair You’ll head up the virtual component of the Fair and responsible to roll out innovative new features to make the SAF Virtual Fair experience more amazing and intuitive for our Fair Family and guests from around the world. Some of the things we’ll be working on include: • A fully-featured website and app that serves video content, live schedule updates and accessibility features o We’ll look to have means to perform real-time data pulls so Fair Folk can make easy updates to the schedules • Creating an interface that displays artist/musician donation links, website/social links, and associated information • Live streaming; live chats, interactive maps; e-commerce; and more • Other projects TBD as time allows. They’ll be fun and interesting because this is Fair, after all, and we all like fun. • You’ll be able to set up a team to support your efforts. Time commitment • Availability for 1-5+ hours a week from June 2021 through Mid September 2021 with more time spent in July and August as we finalize features. Just like pre-Fair, we’ll be testing and fine-tuning all the way up to the days of the event. Hopefully, most of the building will be done if we can get our collective acts together Portfolio: 1. Provide a link to a currently hosted website that you have created. Major bonus points for JavaScript examples. If you are a pure HTML/CSS wizard, we can use your help too! 2. Please also include in your application a description of your role in creating the website (sole creator, contributor, etc). The position does not have an hourly salary, but the student will be granted $1,000 for all their work.