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Research Assistant #4
Date Posted
Apr 28, 2021
Application Deadline
Jun 30, 2021
Computer Science
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Research Assistant - Computer Science
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On-Campus May-Aug
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Apply to Youry Khmelevsky
Job Description
Project 99 A. POSITION SUMMARY Under the direct supervision of the College Professor the Research Assistant will assists the supervisors with research related activities in the field of Computer Science. B. FUNCTIONS AND DUTIES Under supervision of the College Professor the Research Assistant will perform the following duties: 1. Review and update their knowledge in research methodology for educational purposes. 2. Assists College professor with research for educational purposes. 3. Assists College professor to identify perspective subjects for research to apply for professional area. 4. Support the professor to research information for grants, research grants and research papers. 5. Search literature sources pertaining to the relevant areas of research. 6. Assists the professor with programming software applications for compliance to the practical component of the research. 7. Collect, record, compile, summarize data, and communicate this information. 8. Participate in research activities with the professor such as events, interviews, reading articles, listening to speakers, which are related to the subject area being investigated. C. QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED 1. EDUCATION Currently enrolled in an Okanagan College post-secondary program in a relevant discipline 2. EXPERIENCE Experience in computer programming, business, or computer science 3. SKILLS AND ABILITIES - Excellent research skills with the ability to synthesize data/information and develop/deliver findings and recommendations. - Proficiency in Microsoft Office (word, excel), Internet, Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems. - Must be able to work effectively both independently and as part of a team with an aptitude for working in a collegial and collaborative environment. - Demonstrated writing and organizational skills - Pays significant attention to detail. The above duties have been reviewed and they fall within the terms and conditions outlined in Letter of Understanding #3 – Research Projects