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Research Assistant #1
Date Posted
Apr 28, 2021
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Jun 30, 2021
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Research Assistant - Geography, Earth & Environmental Science
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On-Campus May-Aug
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Apply to Stephanie Bunclark
Job Description
Project 253 POSITION SUMMARY In accordance with Letter of Understanding #1 – Student Employees, and under the direct supervision of the College Professor, the Student assists the supervisor with activities related to urban/environmental geography, specifically active transport network planning within the City of Kelowna. FUNCTIONS AND DUTIES The Student will assist the supervisor by performing the following duties: 1. Assist in identifying locations with active transport supportive infrastructure (bike racks, benches, etc) throughout the City of Kelowna 2. Assist in using GIS software to map location and identify the type of supportive infrastructure 3. Assist in photographing and geotaging sites of supportive infrastructure 4. Assist in identifying sites where supportive infrastructure is being used beyond intended capacity- map the site, identifying the type of infrastructure and the use for the databased, photograph and geotag the location 5. Assist in identifying locations where infrastructure is being used in a way other than designated to facilitate active transport use (chaining bikes to trees, fences, etc) 6. Assist in combining field data into a single GIS dataset identifying location and type of supportive infrastructure by city defined sectors. 7. Performs other duties as assigned EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE Enrolled in a post-secondary program at Okanagan College; students enrolled in the Geography or Environmental related disciplines will be preferred. Prior work experience is an asset. SKILLS AND ABILITIES - Proficiency in the use of a variety of computer software applications - Works effectively both independently and as part of a team with an aptitude for working in a collegial and collaborative environment - Effective written and verbal communication skills - Well-developed organizational skills - Detail-oriented - Knowledge/ interest in urban design/ active transport networks - Excellent research skills - Knowledge of database creation - Knowledge of GIS software CORE COMPETENCIES - Collaboration & Collegiality - Continuous Learning & Information Seeking - Effective Interactive Communication - Initiative - Integrity & Accountability - Student & Service Focus