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Science & Technology #65
Date Posted
Mar 04, 2021
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Aug 31, 2021
Laughing Dragon Studios
Job Title
Storyboard Artist (Remote)
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Full-time contract
How To Apply
Please send your resume and portfolio to
Job Description
We are Laughing Dragon Studios. We are an animation studio that is in a word; Hungry. We are hungry to work on new and exciting projects, with creative and driven clients. We are a group of people coming from all walks of life that are united in our focus to make the best-looking, well-produced and timeless animations. Our work is seen on television, in theatres and on streaming services worldwide. ----------------------------------------- LDS is currently seeking experienced Storyboard Artists to join our team. Key Responsibilities: • Collaborate with the Storyboard Supervisor, Director and creative team • Be able to tell a story visually & emotionally • Translate a written script into motion & acting • Plan the structure & cinematography; from establishing shots through to each cut & camera movement • Be able to break down a script & help create & use locations & props • Follow the production pipeline • Follow proper naming conventions and technical requirements • Meet all deadlines set out by Production Manager. Requirements and Qualifications: • 3 years of experience working in Animation • Portfolio shows aptitude for layout, character design, composition & strong drawing skills • Strong sense of cinematic angles, staging, and scene blocking with an understanding of film cinematography to visually communicate story objectives • Highly skilled using Photoshop and Storyboard Pro with Harmony as an asset • Ability to work digitally, from a thumbnail to finished panel • Professional communication skills, able to take direction and work within a production schedule • Must have the ability to time manage and work both efficiently and creatively under pressure