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Drupal Web Developer Certificate

The 240-hour Drupal Web Developer Certificate program provides the necessary tools to begin a career as a web developer utilizing the Drupal content management platform. This program emphasizes the skills, methods and tooling knowledge to work in the field of web-based content management. Website development with Drupal will teach skills and provide knowledge for a broad field of web-related-site design and the expertise gained in this program will extend into many other frameworks and even static site design outside of Drupal.

Graduates of this program will gain the real-world knowledge required to apply themselves in the workforce and gain meaningful experience for employment.

Admission Requirements

• B.C. secondary school graduation, or equivalent, or 19 years of age and out of secondary school for one year as of the first day of classes.
• Interview and portfolio assessment of the following:

  • Novice level PHP (control flow, loops, variable and function declarations), or an intermediate level of C, C++ or C-based syntax language is a must.
  • Intermediate HTML5 - Fieldsets, navs, lists, divs, classes and events are used heavily in projects assigned in this course.
  • Intermediate CSS - You should be familiar with complex selectors, specificity, flexbox or floats, common styling properties and familiarity with cross-browser support.
  • Responsive (mobile/tablet) design principles. Knowledge in tools like SASS is an asset.

Additional preferred skills:

• Experience with the Object Oriented Programming paradigm is recommended.
• Familiarity with SQL syntax and simple SQL statements (MySQL/MariaDB)

DRUP 100 Introduction to Drupal Development
DRUP 110 GUI Usage
DRUP 120 Website Theming
DRUP 130 Website Development Project
DRUP 140 Modules and Hooks
DRUP 150 Developing Custom Modules
DRUP 160 Building E-Commerce Financial Transactions
DRUP 170 Commerce Project
DRUP 180 Drupal Community Project

Graduation Requirements

Students must successfully complete each course with a minimum grade of 70% to receive the certificate.

This program is not currently offered

Program Area:

Continuing Studies




  • Distance/Online


2022-23: $7,246
plus applicable textbooks and/or materials


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