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Transferability of Business Administration Courses

Okanagan College business courses are transferable to a number of professional designations and institutes. These articulations are constantly revised and updated. Students should confirm all course transferability with the institute or professional association in which they intend to apply for course credit:

  • Canadian Institute of Bookkeeping
  • Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA)
  • Credit Union Institute of Canada (CUIC)
  • Institute of Canadian Bankers (ICB)
  • Purchasing Management Association of Canada (PMAC)
  • Payroll Management Certificate Program (PMPC)
  • Canadian Institute of Financial Planners (CFP)

Canadian Institute of Bookkeeping

CIB 111 Computer Applications I:
CIB 112 Bookkeeping I:
CIB 113 Bookkeeping II:
CIB 221 Computer Applications II:
CIB 222 Computerized Bookkeeping I:
CIB 223 Computerized Bookkeeping II:
CIB 331 Cost Management:
CIB 332 Income Tax:
CIB 333 Payroll Administration:

Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA)

Introductory Financial Accounting:
Introductory Management Accounting:
Intermediate Financial Reporting 1:
Intermediate Financial Reporting 2:
Advanced Financial Reporting:
Corporate Finance:
Audit and Assurance:
Intermediate Management Accounting:
Performance Management:
Business Law:
Information Technology:

Credit Union Institute of Canada (CUIC)

CUIC 110 Accounting:
CUIC 120 Communications:
CUIC 130 Management/ Business Administration:
CUIC 140 Marketing:
CUIC 150 Finance:
CUIC 160 Organizational Behaviour:
CUIC 170 Economics:
CUIC 180 Elective:
and BUAD 279
CUIC 320 Human Resources Management:
CUIC 330 Information Systems Management:
CUIC 350 Marketing Management:

Institute of Canadian Bankers (ICB)

ICB Marketing:
ICB Human Resource Management:
ICB Strategic Planning:
ICB Business Administration:
ICB Fundamentals of Accounting:
ICB Economics:
ICB Management Sciences:
and one of STAT 121

Purchasing Management Association of Canada (PMAC)

PMAC M01 Marketing:
PMAC M02 Organizational Behaviour:
PMAC M03 Management Accounting:
PMAC M04 Financial Management:
PMAC M05 Operations Management:
PMAC M06 Business Policy:
PMAC M08 Introduction to Management:
PMAC M09 Financial Accounting:
PMAC M10 Macroeconomics:
PMAC M11 Law:
PMAC B12 Computer Science:
PMAC M13 Microeconomics:

Payroll Management Certificate Program (PMPC)

PMPC A1 Accounting l:
PMPC A1 Accounting l:
PMPC B1 Business Writing:
PMPC B2 Interpersonal Skills:
PMPC B3 Accounting ll:
PMPC B3 Supervisory Skills:
PMPC B3 Taxation:
PMPC C1 Managerial Accounting:
PMPC C2 Management Skills:
PMPC C3 Compensation and Benefits:
PMPC C3 Human Resources Management:
PMPC C3 Labour Relations:
Note: The above program is being phased out by the Canadian Payroll Association. See www.payroll.ca for details.

Canadian Institute of Financial Planners (CFP)

CFP Personal Financial Planning:
CFP Personal Financial Planning:
CFP Comprehensive Practices in Risk and Retirement Planning:
CFP Wealth Management and Estate Planning:

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