2020-21 Calendar

Student Conduct

Okanagan College is a community of students, faculty, staff, administration, Board of Governors and Education Council dedicated to the advancement of learning and the dissemination of knowledge and skills; the intellectual development of its members; and the betterment of society and the community at large.
Okanagan College's students have the right to work, learn and socialize in a supportive, safe and healthy environment. The College is committed to developing a sense of community that is dedicated to creating a working and learning environment of the highest quality - one which is characterized by mutual respect, consideration , social and moral development of its members; and is free from harassment, discrimination and any form of disruptive behaviour or violence.

The College understands and recognizes that students have responsibility for:

  1. taking full advantage of education, training and services offered;
  2. informing themselves about the College's policies and procedures;
  3. their conduct, either individually or in a group;
  4. conducting their activities in a manner compatible with the College's commitment to creating a safe and supportive working and learning environment;
  5. respecting and treating members of the College community without discrimination, harassment, intimidation, or physical or psychological abuse;
  6. respecting College property and the property of members of the College community;
  7. respecting College regulations and the exercise of legitimate authority;
  8. respecting due process, including the avenues of redress and appeals as stated by the College;
  9. participating in the governance of the College.

General Health and Safety Rules

General Health and Safety rules apply to all employees, students and contractors at the College. General rules are intended to ensure that Okanagan College is a safe campus and must be followed without exception.

1. Reporting of Injuries

In accordance with the Workers Compensation Act (sec. 53), all employees and students covered by the WCB are required to immediately report all work related injures to an Occupational First Aid attendant or Supervisor/Instructor and the Safety Office (local 4573).

2. Smoking

It is the policy of the College that smoking is prohibited in all buildings and vehicles. On College property, smoking is restricted to designated outdoor smoking areas. Moreover, cigarettes, tobacco, and other tobacco products will not be sold on premises occupied by the College. Smoking at the student residences of the College is governed by the Rules of Residence.

This is in accordance with Okanagan College Board policy to provide a smoke-free environment and with WCB Reg. 4.81(a)

3. Operation of Company Vehicles/Mobile Equipment

Only employees with a valid drivers license with the correct classification will be permitted to operate Okanagan College vehicles or mobile equipment. In addition to a valid drivers license specific training may be required for each type of vehicle. Vehicle and mobile equipment operators must wear seat belts.

4. Personal Protective Equipment

All College employees, students and visitors are required to wear the specified personal protective equipment (PPE) for the area or specific job being performed.

5. Reporting of Unsafe Conditions

All employees and students are required to report any unsafe or harmful conditions to their immediate supervisor. The supervisor must ensure that any necessary corrective action is taken without delay (Reg. 3.20) except in the case of an emergency where action must be taken immediately. Where after a one-week period, the employee is not satisfied with the action taken they may advise the Health & Safety Coordinator and the Safety Committee and explain the reason for dissatisfaction. Any follow-up that may be required should be reported to the Health & Safety Committee.

Potential hazards may include, but are not limited to:

  • operating machinery, tool, appliances or other equipment without authority
  • working at unsafe speeds
  • removing or rendering guards ineffective
  • defective tools or equipment
  • poor material handling
  • failure to lock-out or de-energize
  • neglecting to wear personal protective equipment
  • poor housekeeping
  • horseplay

To ensure that housekeeping is maintained at a high level, all employees and students must ensure that:

  • aisles are kept clear
  • spilled material is cleaned up
  • emergency eyewash and showers are kept clear
  • tripping hazards are reported
  • poor lighting is reported

6. Workers' Compensation

Coverage by the Provincial Workers' Compensation Board is to be in place for all students while participating in a required practicum at a recognized work site. For student apprentices only, the provincial Workers' Compensation Board coverage will be in place during classroom, lab or shop instruction. This coverage will not be provided for any other students.

Okanagan College Calendar: Printed 03/01/2021