2022-23 Calendar

Registration and Courses

1. Registration for Students

It is the responsibility of a student to become familiar with the information section of the calendar pertaining to the program in which they are enrolled. While academic advising and career planning are freely available, it is the student's responsibility to ensure that the courses in which they are registered are appropriate to the specific requirements of the degree, diploma or certificate sought.

The accuracy of registration documents is ultimately the responsibility of the student. The courses and sections in which the student is registered are clearly stated on the receipt issued at the time of registration. The student is responsible for immediately notifying the Registrar's Office of errors or discrepancies. Similarly, the student is responsible for ensuring that their name is entered on the class list for each course taken. Grades will be assigned only for the courses in which the student is officially registered. Proper registration can be verified with the instructor's class list.

2. Maximum Course Enrolment

Written approval from the appropriate dean or designate is required for academic degree, diploma and certificate students who wish to enrol in more than 18 credits in the fall or winter semester or more than 12 credits over the two Summer Sessions. This policy does not apply to students who are enrolled in the Engineering Technology programs.

3. Course Waitlist Policy

To provide students access to specific courses in an orderly, consistent and equitable manner should course vacancies occur or should additional space become available.

Students will be allowed to move from waitlists into courses, upon the availability of space, in a sequential manner. Where demand for a specific section of a given course exceeds capacity, a waitlist for that course section will be maintained. A student will be allowed to register in only one section of a given course or waitlist for one section of that course, but not both.

Okanagan College reserves the right to manage its course waitlists so as to best serve and respond to the needs of students. Therefore, the College may authorize a student to move into a course by pre-empting the waitlist.

The Registrar, or designate, is authorized to allow pre-emption of course wait-lists in the event of the following circumstances:

  • It is clear that a student, in their last year of studies, requires a specific course to satisfy graduation requirements and avoid unnecessarily prolonging their studies.
  • It is clear that the College bears some responsibility for the student not being able to register in a course(s).
  • It is clear that a student accidentally cancelled their course registrations on the web and requires assistance in being re-instated in the same courses.

For circumstances other than these, the Registrar will make an assessment in consultation with the appropriate Dean or Associate Dean.

4. Audit Status

A student who has satisfied all course prerequisites and corequisites may attend that course as an auditor upon completion of the necessary registration procedures, which include written permission of the instructor.

Audit status entitles a student to enrol in and attend a course on the basis of reduced participation, including but not restricted to waiver of final examinations. The nature of the participation will be determined, within departmental guidelines, by way of a written agreement between the student and the instructor. A copy of the written agreement, bearing the signature of both the student and the instructor must be retained by the instructor.

Audit Registration will be restricted to the late registration period, subject to the availability of space.

No credit is awarded upon course completion and the course shall not be considered as meeting admission, prerequisite or other course requirements for a program.

While not required to write final examinations, the audit student is expected to attend classes as well as satisfy or comply with any other requirements of participation, within departmental guidelines, as agreed in writing by both the student and the instructor. Failure to do so will result in a failing grade of AUF, as recommended by the instructor in the submission of final grades

A student may change registration status from audit to credit during the late registration course change period (see academic schedule for dates). With permission of the instructor, a student may change registration status from credit to audit at any time until the last day to withdraw from a course without penalty (see the academic schedule for dates). The course withdrawal deadline will apply to students with audit registration status.

Students who are auditing courses will pay reduced tuition fees. The tuition fee reduction will not apply in the following circumstances:

  1. Students who change from credit to audit status after the late registration course period;
  2. If the course is a studio, laboratory or practicum course;
  3. If the course is offered on a cost recovery basis;
  4. If the course is offered through Distance Education.

5. Course Changes, Withdrawals and Repeating Course

a. Course Changes: Students must sign all course change forms.

A student wishing to add or change a degree or diploma course must complete the necessary form available at Okanagan College campus offices or the Registrar's Office in Kelowna or complete the action themselves at myokanagan.bc.ca.

b. Withdrawal Regulations:

A student, in either the fall or winter semester, who withdraws from one or more courses before the end of the second week of classes for a one-term course, or before the end of the third week of classes for a two-term course will have no permanent record made of their registration in those courses.

A student enrolled in a degree, diploma, Adult Academic and Career Preparation or ESL program may withdraw from the courses in which they are registered at any time until the withdrawal deadline (see Important Dates.) Withdrawal standing will not be included in calculating a student's grade average.

c. Withdrawal Due to Unforeseen Circumstances:

After the withdrawal deadline, students requesting special permission to withdraw due to unforeseen circumstances beyond their control, will not be given the option to select only certain courses from which they wish to withdraw. The withdrawal must include all courses in progress unless the student has sustained a physical injury, thereby preventing continuation in a studio, laboratory or clinical course.

d. Withdrawals:

Students must sign all withdrawal forms. Before withdrawing, students are encouraged to speak with their instructor and/or a counsellor. Often, such discussion can result in continuation of studies and successful completion of the course or program.

Students who have received provincial or federal student loans must make themselves aware of the implications of withdrawing from courses. This information is available at the Registrar's Office or the regional campus office.

Students who wish to withdraw from one or more courses or who wish to withdraw completely from the College must complete the necessary form (or complete the action themselves at myokanagan.bc.ca.) which is available at all regional campus offices or the Registrar's Office Kelowna. Vocational students can obtain this form from their instructor. If a student is unable to submit the required form, they must notify the Registrar's Office in writing to enter the withdrawal on their record.

A student who ceases to attend classes or who otherwise fails to complete the requirements of a course in which the student is registered and who fails to formally withdraw from the course will be granted a final grade based on the coursework completed.

In cases where the withdrawal is due to circumstances beyond the control of the student, the provision outlined under "Withdrawals Due to Unforeseen Circumstances" will be followed. Such requests should be submitted in writing to the Registrar's Office and be accompanied by supporting documents or, in the case of illness, a physician's certificate.

A vocational student who ceases to attend classes in a program and who fails to submit a written notice of withdrawal is subject to the probation and termination policy for vocational programs. The student's registration in the program may be terminated with a notation on their permanent record.

e. Repeating Courses:

For courses leading toward a baccalaureate degree, an associate degree, a two-year post-secondary diploma or an Adult Academic and Career Preparation certificate or diploma or an English as a Second Language certificate, the following policy and practice shall apply.

No course, whether previously passed, failed, audited or from which the student has previously withdrawn, subsequent to the late registration deadline, may be repeated more than once without special permission of the appropriate dean, director or designate.

Unless determined otherwise, by the dean, a student granted such permission shall not be allowed to register in or waitlist for the course until after conclusion of the advanced and regular registration periods, which may vary depending on the program and its intake dates. Enrolment shall be subject to the availability of remaining space in the course at the time of the student's registration.

f. Financial Hold:

Okanagan College reserves the right to place a student on financial hold. When a student has been placed on financial hold, no subsequent registration activity will be allowed, no statement of grades or transcripts of academic record will be issued and the student will not be allowed to graduate. The Financial Aid and Awards office and the library will be notified and use of the library may be restricted. The student will not be eligible to register in any future courses until the financial hold is removed. The financial hold will be removed when the outstanding balance, including all interest penalties, is paid in full. In respect of any other indebtedness to Okanagan College, subsequent registration may be denied until these accounts are fully paid.

Okanagan College Calendar: Printed 12/07/2022