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  • All students must apply for formal admission and receive an offer of admission before registration.

  • Okanagan College reserves the right to manage its individual course waitlists.

  • Students must be registered before attending classes.

  • Registration is not complete until tuition and associated fees are paid in full.

  • Students will be issued final grades only for those courses in which they are officially registered.

Office of the Registrar


The Office of the Registrar is responsible for student education records, admission and registration procedures for all students (excluding Continuing Studies), monitoring and enforcing academic policies, regulations and standards.

All student records are processed and discharged through the Office of the Registrar including: applications for admission, registration for courses, tuition fees, course additions and withdrawals, grades, transcripts, transfer credit, articulation with other institutions, degrees, diplomas and certificates, change in name, and change in address or telephone number.

Any questions on records, procedures or policies should be directed to the Office of the Registrar by calling (250) 762-5445, or by visiting your local Okanagan College regional campus.

Registration Dates

Please see: www.okanagan.bc.ca/dates

Registration Procedures

Programs Offering Web Registration

Business programs, Associate Degree programs and University Studies programs (Arts and Science diplomas), and some of the Technology programs.

The student's offer of admission letter will specify if a student is eligible to web register. The web registration system is located at myokanagan.bc.ca. A student may see their registration appointment time in their myOkanagan account (Student tab > Registration > Registration Status). 

Programs Not Offering Web Registration

Health and Social Development certificates and diplomas, Trades programs, all Office Administration programs, and some of the Technology programs.

Find out more about registration at okanagan.bc.ca/registration.

Students who have been granted admission must accept their offer online in their myOkanagan student account. To be assured of a reserved place in a program, students must pay the admission deposit. Payments can be made online through the student's myOkanagan account (or by mail or in person).

Students who fail to pay their non-refundable deposit by the deadline stated in their offer of admission will have their application cancelled. If they request reactivation of their application within two weeks of cancellation, their names may be placed at the bottom of the program waitlist which will be used to fill the program in accordance with Okanagan College's Program Waitlist Policy.

Once the deposit is received, the student will be registered automatically in the appropriate classes by the Office of the Registrar (block registration).

Sponsored Students

Sponsored students must provide a letter from the sponsor stating that Okanagan College may bill the sponsor. The letter should also detail what the sponsor will pay for including, if applicable, the non-refundable tuition deposit, tuition fees, books, material fees or any other billing items. Information will not be released to sponsors without an information release form signed by the student.

Okanagan College Employees

Continuing (Regular) employees of Okanagan College wishing to register for one or more courses in academic, career and technology, developmental, vocational or continuing studies programs can request a tuition waiver for themselves subject to the prerequisites and admission policies specific to the program as well as the general policies of the College. Tuition and application fees will be waived provided the employee registers in a non-cost recovery course and submits a tuition waiver form with their registration form. For a cost-recovery course registration, tuition and application fees will be waived provided the employee registration does not displace a fee-paying student, additional instruction costs are not incurred, and the registration and tuition waiver forms are received in the Registrar's Office no earlier than the last business day before the class starts. The Commercial Aviation program is not available for employee tuition waiver.

Waiver of Prerequisite and Corequisite Courses

Under special circumstances, course prerequisite or corequisite waivers may be granted by the appropriate department.

If a student has satisfactorily completed the equivalent of a prerequisite or corequisite course at another institution, prerequisite or corequisite waivers may be granted by the department chairperson or designate.

If a student demonstrates sufficient background or ability to ensure a reasonable probability of success in a course, prerequisite and corequisite waivers may be granted by the department chairperson or designate.

In the event of a student having failed a course which serves as a prerequisite or has otherwise failed to achieve the minimum passing grade specific to a course which serves as a prerequisite, the waiver will be allowed only if approved in writing by the dean of the appropriate faculty.

Course Waitlist Procedure

Students are encouraged on a regular basis to login to myOkanagan and check the status of their waitlisted courses.

Students who are waitlisted for a course will not be officially registered in the course until a seat is offered to them and the tuition is paid.

Arts/Science students should only register and/or waitlist in a combined total of courses not exceeding 18 credits.

Waitlist dates will be set by the Registrar's Office and are part of the academic calendar.

Further information can be found in the Course Waitlist Policy section of the calendar.

Okanagan College Transcripts

Transcripts have to be ordered online through the student's myOkanagan account.

Upon receipt of the student's online request, official transcripts are sent to employers, educational institutions, government ministries, other agencies or to the student. Transcripts will not be issued if a student has any outstanding fees or debt to Okanagan College.

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