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Electronic Communication for Students and Applicants


The College communicates with students and individuals applying to be students at the College (“applicant(s)”) using electronic communication - in particular email - in lieu of many paper-based processes. It is students’ and applicants’ responsibility to read all email communication in a timely fashion and to ensure their email address on file with the College is current.

Electronic Communication

All references in the College Calendar or in other College policies regarding communications from the College to the student or applicant shall be deemed to include communication by electronic means.

Electronic communication by the College to students or applicants is at the option of the College.

Communications by Email

The College will use the email address that was originally provided by the student or applicant.

Students and applicants are required to regularly check their email account for information about their application status, course registrations, fee payments, programming information, student policies, as well as other important information and notices.

Some emails, such as from the Library, may be directed to the applicant’s or student’s myOkanagan email account. This account should be checked regularly as well.

It is the responsibility of the student or applicant to keep their email address on record with the College up to date (see “Change Email Address”).

In those limited cases where an applicant or student does not have access to email to receive email communications from the College, the applicant or student must contact the Registrar to arrange another means of communication. 

Communications via College Website and myOkanagan

To receive announcements, programming information, student policies and other important information and notices, students and applicants are advised to regularly check:

  • College website;

  • College Calendar; and

  • myOkanagan student portal account.

Change Email Address

Students and applicants may change their email address by updating the email address in their myOkanagan account or by providing written notice of the change to the Registrar’s Office in Kelowna or the Administration office in Salmon Arm, Revelstoke, Vernon or Penticton.

The new email address will become the primary email address used by the College. Some College departments such as the Library may continue to use myOkanagan email account to communicate with students and applicants. Hence, even with the notice of change of email address, students and applicants are still required to check their myOkanagan email account for communications.

Receipt of Communication

Students and applicants are responsible to ensure that they can receive, access, read and act upon all email and notices from the College in a timely fashion.

Emails sent by the College are deemed to have been received by the student or applicant the next College business day after the email was sent.

Failure to receive or read in a timely manner College email, announcements, important notices and information about programming and policies does not absolve students and applicants from knowing, responding to or complying with the content of that communication.

Okanagan College Calendar: Printed 12/10/2022