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Diploma/Degree/Certificate Programs

Okanagan College offers a wide variety of certificate, diploma and degree programs. Details of these can be found in the Okanagan College Calendar under Programs.

Applicants whose first language is not English

Applicants to diploma, degree and certificate programs whose first language is not English must submit proof of their English language proficiency. Please check the program you are applying to  for the required level of English and see the appropriate link of English and Alternatives for various ways of meeting the requirement:

Applicants who have successfully completed a diploma or degree from an accredited institution at which English is the language of instruction may submit their academic transcript for review by Okanagan College. Subject to verification, this diploma or degree may be used to meet the English requirement for admission to Okanagan College.

Documentation of English language proficiency should be sent directly to International Education, Okanagan College.

In addition to English, all students must meet program specific prerequisites.


Applicants who are less than 19 years of age must submit official, sealed, secondary school transcripts clearly indicating that they have completed requirements for secondary school graduation. Transcripts must be submitted in English. If the official transcript is not in English, the student must arrange a translation from a translation agency representative or school official.

Students who wish to receive Okanagan College credits for courses completed at other colleges or universities, must send official, sealed transcripts and complete course outlines to International Education, Okanagan College. All documents must be translated into English and signed by a translation agency representative or school official. Post-secondary transcripts will not be returned to the student. The evaluation fee for transcripts from post-secondary institutions outside of Canada is $150. See Transfer Credit Requests for more information.

When to Apply

Courses for degree and diploma programs begin on the first or second Wednesday in September. 

Applications are accepted on or after the first working day in October for all programs beginning the following September. Applications are received on a first come first serve basis so it is strongly encouraged for students to apply early before programs fill up. Applicants are admitted in chronological order of receipt of their application. Admission requirements (official transcripts, proof of English proficiency and program requirements) must be satisfied by the deadlines indicated in the letter of admission.

Please also see International Student Admission or refer to the Okanagan College website or the Okanagan College International Education application package for further information.

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