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Course Descriptions

ABST Aboriginal Studies
ACSW Aboriginal Community Support Worker
AD AutoCAD Skills
AEMP Audio Engineering and Music Production
AHW Aboriginal Health Worker
AMEP Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
AMES Aircraft Maintenance Engineer S
AMET Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
AMT Aircraft Maintenance Technician
ANIM Animation
ANTH Anthropology
AREF Automotive Refinishing
ARTS Arts field placements
ASL American Sign Language
ASTD Automotive Service Technology
ASTR Astronomy
AUSP Autism Spectrum
AVIA Aviation (Commercial)
AVST Aircraft Maintenance Technician - S
BAC Basic Accounting Concepts
BACC Bookkeeping Bridging
BAKP Pastry Arts
BC Bartending
BCC Blockchain
BCS Banking Customer Service
BIOL Biology
BOOK Bookkeeping
BUAD Business Administration
CA Culinary Arts
CADC Culinary Arts Dual Credit
CBI Community Brain Injury
CBSW Building Service Worker
CCW Commercial Creative Writing
CDA Certified Dental Assistant
CF Career Facilitator
CGIS Advanced GIS
CHEM Chemistry
CIEN Civil Engineering Technology
CLSN Collision Repair/Paint & Refinishing
CMNS Communications
CNAS Construction Assistant
CNRP Collision Repair
COAN Computer Animation
COMP Composition
COOK Cook Training
COSC Computer Science
COST Computer Studies
CRIM Criminology
CRTF Collision Repair Technician
CRWR Creative Writing
CW Custodial Worker
DAA Dental Administrative Assistant
DRUP Drupal
DRWS Developing Reading & Writing Skills
DSCI Data Science
DST Desktop Support Technician
EA Education Assistant
EAPD English for Academic Purposes
EAPR English for Academic Purposes Reading
EAPS English for Academic Purposes Scholarship
EAPW English for Academic Purposes Writing
ECDE Early Childhood Education
ECE Early Childhood Education - Infant Toddler
ECED Early Childhood Education
ECON Economics
EDCP Education and Career Planning
EEF Experiential Education Facilitator
EESC Earth and Environmental Sciences
ELAB Auto Body
ELAP Auto Paint & Refinishing
ELAR Auto Collision/Refinishing
ELCA Carpentry
ELCJ Carpentry Joinery
ELCL Carpentry/Log Builder
ELCR Carpentry
ELEC Electrician
ELEN Electronic Engineering Technology
ELHD Heavy Duty/Commercial Transport
ELJO Joinery
ELMC Automotive Service Technician
ELRW English as a Second Language
ENGL English
ENT Entrepreneurship
ERWS Exploring Reading and Writing
ESLB English as a Second Language
ESLC English as a Second Language
ESLD English as a Second Language
ESLE English as a Second Language
ESLG English as a Second Language
ESLP English as a Second Language
ESLR English as a Second Language
ESLS English as a Second Language
ESLT English as a Second Language
ESLV English as a Second Language
ESLW English as a Second Language
ESNT Esthetics and Nail Technology
ESP ESL for Specific Purposes
ESTH Esthetician
FD Floral Design
FINA Fine Arts
FNIL Indigenous Languages
FNS First Nations Studies
FPSO Food Prep Short Order Cook
FREN French
FRM Farm Management
GBDC Green Building Design
GCM Golf Course Maintenance
GDE Graphic Design Essentials
GEOG Geography
GEOP Geophysics
GER Gerontology
GERM German
GEST General Studies
GISS Geographical Information Systems
GNC Gastroenterology Nursing
GREK Greek
GSWS Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies
HCA Health Care Assistant
HCS Healthcare Services
HEA Hearing Assistant
HELI Helicopter Pilot
HINS Home Inspection
HIST History
HKIN Human Kinetics
HMFP Heavy Mechanical Foundation
HSRC Home Support/Resident Care
HSS Health & Social Services Core
HSW Human Service Work
HT Horticulture
IALG Mathematics
ICS College Studies (Introduction)
ICT Infrastructure and Computing Technology
ID Interior Design
IDR Dental Reception (Introduction)
IDST Interdisciplinary Studies
ILS Conveyancing and Litigation
IND Interior Decorating
INDG Indigenous Studies
IPAC IP Collision Repair Refresher
IPAR IP Auto Refinishing Refresher
IPCO IP Cook Training Refresher
IPSE Inclusion Support
ISW Individualized Support Worker
ITUS IT User Support
JAPN Japanese
LAA Litigation (online)
LCI Learner Centred Instructor
LLCO Leading in a Learner-Centred Organization
LSC Leadership Skills
LSEC Legal Administrative Assistant
LSF Life Skills Facilitator
LSIN Independent Living Skills
LSPM PACE (Preparing for Access to Careers and Education)
LSSM SAME (Supported Access to Modified Education)
MAA Medical Administrative Assistant
MAND Mandarin Chinese
MATH Mathematics
MECH Mechanical Engineering Technology
MEDR Medical Device Reprocessing
MM Manufacturing Management
MOA Medical Office Assistant
MODL Modern Languages
MSAC Microcomputer Accounting
MSAN Computer Animation
MSCB Software Systems Support
MSCG Microcomputer Graphics
MSCW Computers in the Workplace
MSDM Microcomputer Data Management
MSEP Electronic Publishing
MSFD File and Desktop Management
MSIN Microcomputer Applications - Internet
MSMS Microcomputer Supporting Applications Software
MSPP PowerPoint Presentation Manager
MSS Management Skills
MSSS Microcomputer Spreadsheets
MSWP Microcomputer Word Processing
MTFB Metal Fabricator (Fitter)
NATE Nail Technician
NRSU Nursing, BSN
NSGU Nursing
NTEN Network and Telecommunications Engineering Technology
NUC Nursing Unit Assistant
OA Office Administration (Introduction)
OADM Office Administration
OADO Online Office Administration
ORTH LPN Orthopaedic Certificate
PAL Palliative Care
PHAR Pharmacy Technician
PHIL Philosophy
PHRM Pharmacy Technician
PHYS Physics
PIM Production & Inventory Management
PLC Programmable Logic Controls
PLMB Plumber
PNAC Practical Nursing Access - HSRCA
PNSG Practical Nursing
PNUR Practical Nursing
POLI Political Science
PPNUR Pre-LPN Biology
PPTF Plumbing and Pipefitting
PRM Project Management
PSYC Psychology
RACM Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Mechanic
RBDT Residential Building Drafting Technician
RCST Residential Construction
RVPP Recreation Vehicle Partsperson
RVTE Recreation Vehicle Technician
SACC Early Childhood Education - School-Age Care
SBT Sustainable Building Technology
SCIE Science
SCMT Sustainable Construction Management Technology
SHMT Sheet Metal Worker
SILV Silviculture/Nursery Production (Introduction)
SLCO Service and Support in a Learner-Centred Organization
SNW Special Needs Worker
SOCI Sociology
SOCW Social Work
SOST Social Studies
SOWK Social Work
SPAN Spanish
SPD Sterile Processing & Distribution
SPED Special Education
STAT Statistics
STSC Staffing Services Clerk
STW Steel Worker
STWW Studio Woodworking
TC Travel Counsellor
TEOL Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
TESL Teaching English as a Second Language
THER Therapist Assistant
TOUR Tourism Management
TTTE Trades Technology Teacher Education
VDET Vehicle Detailer
VIT Viticulture
VITT Viticulture Diploma
WDFD Welder Foundation
WELD Welding
WET Water Engineering Technology
WINE Winery Assistant
WMST Women's Studies
WQT Water Quality and Environmental Engineering Technology
WS Wine Sales
XER Xeriscape

Sample Course Description - Credit Based

Sample Course Description - Hours Based

Not all centres offer all courses listed in the calendar and courses may vary each semester. Contact your local Okanagan College campus for up-to-date course offerings. 

Definitions for understanding course descriptions

Concurrent Registration: Compulsory registration for credit (audit registration is specifically precluded) in two or more courses at the same time even though one or more of the courses may have been previously successfully completed.

Corequisite: A course required to be taken at the same time as another course (audit registration is precluded) unless the course has been successfully completed before.

Prerequisite: A course that must be successfully completed before registration in a given course. Courses without a prerequisite statement indicate that no prerequisite is required for enrolment.

Second-year Standing: Second-year standing requires successful completion of a minimum of 24 credits at the 100 level or above.

Third-year Standing: Students will be granted third-year standing after completing 48 credits towards a diploma or degree program.

Fourth-year Standing: Students will be granted fourth-year standing after completing 78 credits towards a degree program.

Prerequisite Waiver: Students who wish to have the course prerequisite waived, as indicated in this calendar, must receive permission from the department offering the course. A prerequisite waiver form must be signed by the department and forwarded to the Registrar's Office.

Credit: A credit is an assigned unit of value granted for successful completion of a course, which are used for diploma, and degree graduation requirements and/or transfer credit to another institution.

Elective: A course freely chosen from a restricted list of all Okanagan College courses, which is used to fulfill credit requirements in addition to the courses specified in the program outline.

First-year Student (associate degree and diploma programs): A student who meets the admission requirements for a specific program; has applied and been formally admitted to that program; is registered in one or more courses which are identified as constituting the first-year requirements of that particular program; and has completed fewer than 80% of the credits or hours toward the first-year requirements of that program.

Second-year Student (associate degree and diploma programs): A student who meets the entrance requirements for a specific program; has applied and been formally admitted to that program; is registered in one or more of the courses which are identified as constituting the first-year or second-year requirements of that particular program; and has completed 80% or more of the credits or hours towards the first-year requirements of that program.

Full Course Load: For degree programs (years one to four), 15 credits per semester. For diploma and vocational programs, all courses listed in the program outline in this calendar on a semester basis.

Full-time Enrolment:

  • Associate of Arts or Associate of Science: nine credits 
  • Adult Academic and Career Preparation: three or more courses or 15 hours of instruction per week.
  • International Education: one ESL course
  • Business Administration diploma program: four or more courses
  • Business Administration certificate programs: four or more courses
  • Civil Engineering Technology: five or more courses
  • Computer Information Systems: four or more courses
  • Electronic Engineering Technology: five or more courses
  • Water Engineering Technology: five or more courses

This definition is for statistical and registration purposes only. Financial Aid recipients must comply with definitions required by Federal and Provincial guidelines.

Part-time Enrolment: Enrolment in any number of courses that is less than that indicated under the definition for Full-time Enrolment.

Registered Student: A registered student is one who has completed the admission and registration procedure and who has paid or made appropriate arrangements to pay the required fees.

Transfer Credit: Credit given by an institution for work successfully completed at a different institution.

University Transfer: Credit programs of study, generally arts and science courses, which are transferable toward degree programs at Okanagan College and other institutions.

Letter of Permission: A document issued by a dean which permits an Okanagan College student to take one or more courses at another institution to be used for credit toward an Okanagan College degree or diploma.

Transferability of Okanagan College courses: Students planning on transferring Okanagan College courses to another institution are encouraged to check the calendar of the institution to which they plan to transfer to determine the amount of transfer credit permitted in any chosen program.

Students should visit the online transfer guide at http://www.bctransferguide.ca/ for complete transfer information.

Sustainabilty and Courses at Okanagan College

Sustainability “incorporates economic and social change to protect the natural systems of the planet, so that current and future generations may maintain or improve their quality of life.”
                Sustainability definition, Okanagan College Strategic Plan 2010-2015
Sustainability-focused courses either concentrate on the concept of sustainability, including its social, economic, and environmental dimensions, or examine an issue or topic using sustainability as a lens.
Sustainability-related courses incorporate sustainability as a distinct course component or module or concentrate on a single sustainability principle or issue.

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