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Analytical Chemistry Technology Diploma

This program is subject to government funding and will not be offered in 2010-11. The implementation date will be announced. Please watch for further updates.

The Diploma in Analytical Chemistry Technology (ACT) trains students as chemical technologists in industry-relevant and employment-ready instrumental analysis skills. The ACT program is a two-year, four-semester program that requires the completion of 70 credits of coursework. The program provides graduates with a solid understanding of the protocols common to analytical laboratories including sampling and sample preparation, quality assurance, quality control, quality assessment, instrumental analysis and calibration, data processing and interpretation, and reporting. In particular, this program involves thorough integration of statistical analysis and quality assurance / quality control (QA/QC) within its curriculum while stressing effective and relevant report writing and communication skills. Students will also receive extensive experience with a variety of the modern instruments they will encounter in future work environments, will be trained in safe and environmentally sound laboratory practices, will develop technical writing and public presentation skills, and will gain experience in the team-work approach to problem solving. Graduates of the ACT program will acquire instrumental analysis skills that will enable them to readily enter laboratories, becoming productive employees with a minimum of specific job orientation and training.

Graduates can seek employment as trained chemical analysts in a wide variety of laboratories in industry, government, and institutions. These could include academic, environmental, chemical, mining and smelting, pulp and paper, petrochemical, food, beverage, brewer and vintner, and health laboratories. Graduates of the ACT program may have the option of pursuing Bachelor of Technology programs at other institutions in British Columbia and across Canada, or other Bachelor degrees that have completion of a two-year diploma level program as the admission requirement. The College is currently seeking national accreditation for this program by the Canadian Technology Accreditation Board (CTAB) which would allow graduates to be eligible for professional registration as an Applied Science Technologist (A.Sc.T.) after two years of related work experience.

Admission Requirements

Grade 12 graduation or equivalent; and

  • A minimum grade of 60% in one of: English 12, English 12 First Peoples or TPC 12, an equivalent Provincial Level ABE English course; or a minimum score of 24/40 (level 4) on the Language Proficiency Index.
  • A minimum of 60% in any of:
    • Pre-calculus Grade 12
    • Principles of Mathematics 12
    • Foundations of Mathematics Grade 12
    • Applications of Mathematics 12
    • Adult Basic Education MATH 012
    • Okanagan College MATH 120
  • Or a minimum of 67% in any of:

    • Pre-calculus Grade 11
    • Principles of Mathematics 11
    • Adult Basic Education MATH 011
  • A minimum grade of 67% in Chemistry 11 or equivalent Advanced Level ABE Chemistry course; Chemistry 12 or equivalent Provincial Level ABE Chemistry course is strongly recommended.
  • A valid Occupational First Aid Level 1 Certificate obtained within 12 months of admission to the ACT program and a WHMIS certificate.

The Analytical Chemistry Technology program stresses the use of computers in all courses. The successful completion of an introductory course in computers, keyboarding skills of 20 wpm, or computer experience is strongly recommended.

Residency Requirements

Completion of a minimum of 35 credits of study at Okanagan College.

Program Outline

Semester I
CHEM 112 Introductory Chemistry I
CMNS 113 Technical Communication for Information Technology
PHYS 117 Physics for Analytical Chemistry Technology
STAT 121 Elementary Statistics
Semester II
CHEM 122 Introductory Chemistry II
CHEM 226 Introduction to Analytical Chemistry
PHYS 227 Instrumentation Physics for Analytical Chemistry Technology(ACT)
CHEM 161 Industrial Chemical Processes I
CHEM 162 Environmental Chemistry
CHEM 163 Analysis Quality Assurance and Quality Control
Semester III
CHEM 251 Industrial Chemical Process II
CHEM 252 Chromatographic Analysis I
CHEM 253 Physical Chemical Processes
CHEM 254 Spectroscopic Analysis
CHEM 255 Applied Organic Chemistry
CMNS 143 Technical Writing and Communications II
Semester IV
CHEM 261 Laboratory Instrumentation
CHEM 262 Chromatographic Analysis II
CHEM 263 Applied Biochemistry
CHEM 264 Mineral Processing and Assaying
CHEM 265 Petroleum Chemistry
CHEM 266 Laboratory Management

Graduation Requirements

Graduation from the Diploma in Analytical Chemistry Technology requires the completion of 70 required credits.

This program is not currently offered

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Science (University Studies)





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