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Sustainable Construction Management Technology Diploma

The Sustainable Construction Management Technology (SCMT) program is a two-year diploma program, based at the Centre of Excellence at Okanagan College's Penticton campus. SCMT is a forward-thinking program designed to enable, empower and inspire the emerging generation of construction managers and technologists to deliver true sustainable development. The graduating students will play a leading role in the construction industry - both in Canada and internationally - to deliver projects that achieve high sustainability performance and contribute to the economic, environmental, and social well-being of communities.

The program will provide learners with the technical, business and interpersonal skills required to effectively manage construction projects of varying size and complexity, emphasizing sustainable design principles. Students will develop the technical knowledge and skills required to construct all scales of infrastructure projects - from planning through to completion. Students will also learn to estimate material requirements, costs, schedule and manage construction projects.

In consultation with industry-experienced practitioners, both internal and external, the SCMT program has been designed with five major themes which address the important aspects of the built environment. The five themes are as follows:

  • Building Studies;
  • Commercial Studies;
  • Sustainability Studies;
  • Core Studies; and
  • Projects.

The first two themes address the core study areas of construction management from commercial and building aspects. These include quantity surveying, estimating, procurement, planning, processes and construction. The core studies theme includes courses on business management, math, communications, law, civil engineering and human resources.  The first and second year projects consist of practical laboratories that may take place in the college or elsewhere in the local community or further afield. With the exception of the three Business Administration courses, all courses within these streams require face-to-face delivery.

The sustainability theme provides the needed foundation and a life cycle thinking approach to green building principles, existing infrastructure, and renewable energy technologies. This stream (11 courses) is delivered through blended learning, which includes face-to-face and online delivery. The face-to-face component consists of an intensive 2-3 day delivery during the first week. After the intensive hours are completed in the first week, these courses will be delivered online over the remaining twelve weeks of each term.

The program follows the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) approach to influence, shape and guide the emerging generation of construction professionals. The learning outcomes of the program will follow a problem-based approach, so that students can influence the resiliency of projects in the industry in which many graduates will find themselves working. Students will have an opportunity to gain work experience by participating in paid co-op work with a construction-related company. Such experience increases students' employment opportunities and their value to their employers upon graduation.

On graduation, there will be a wide choice of career opportunities as a site superintendent, general contractor, subcontractor, material supplier, field coordinator, quantity surveyor, estimator, inspector, project manager, scheduler or contract manager. The business elements of the program may also offer opportunities to establish a new construction company - one which specializes in sustainable development and construction.

The College intends to obtain certification with the Applied Science Technologist and Technicians of British Columbia (ASTTBC) and the Canadian Technology Accreditation Board (CTAB) for the program.

The SCMT 101 Co-op Work Term option is available between year 1 and year 2 of the program.

Admission Requirements

  • BC secondary school graduation, or 19 years of age and out of secondary school for one year as of the first day of classes.
  • English 12 with minimum 60% or alternatives.
  • Math requirement:

A minimum of 60% in any of:

    • Pre-calculus Grade 12
    • Foundations of Mathematics Grade 12
    • Principles of Mathematics 12
    • Applications of Mathematics 12
    • Adult Basic Education MATH 012
    • Okanagan College MATH 120

Or a minimum of 67% in any of:

    • Pre-calculus Grade 11
    • Principles of Mathematics 11
    • Adult Basic Education MATH 011

Or a minimum of 70% in an Okanagan College Mathematics 11 Proficiency Test

One of the Grade 12 mathematics courses is recommended. The mathematics requirement must be successfully completed no more than seven years prior to enrolment in the program.

Program Outline

Fall Year 1
SCMT 110 Surveying for Construction
SCMT 112 Construction Measurements and Drafting
SCMT 114 Sustainability and Ethics in Construction
SCMT 115 Construction Methods I
SCMT 124 Sustainability and the Built Environment
BUAD 128 Computer Applications I
CMNS 133 Technical Writing and Communications I
MATH 134 Mathematics for SCMT
Winter Year 1
SCMT 113 Quantity Surveying and Estimating I
SCMT 116 Scheduling and Cost Control
SCMT 120 Procurement Process
SCMT 125 Construction Methods II
SCMT 132 Introduction to Sustainability Assessment
SCMT 134 Green Building Principles
SCMT 144 Sustainable Methods and Technologies
BUAD 123 Management Principles
May - August
Fall Year 2
SCMT 206 Lean Construction
SCMT 212 Quantity Surveying and Estimating II
SCMT 216 Conflicts in Construction
SCMT 223 Sustainable Materials
SCMT 224 Greening Existing Infrastructure
SCMT 228 Renewable Energy Technologies
SCMT 251 Project Planning
CIEN 134 Statics and Strength of Materials I
Winter Year 2
SCMT 226 Leadership and Innovation
SCMT 238 Sustainable Business Case
SCMT 234 Sustainable Design and Development
SCMT 244 Regenerative Design
SCMT 252 Project Delivery
CIEN 248 Construction Law
CMNS 143 Technical Writing and Communications II
BUAD 269 Human Resources Management

Graduation Requirements

Successful completion of the prescribed courses as listed in the program outline with a minimum graduating grade average of 60%.

Program Area:


Campus (Intake):

  • Penticton (Sep)




  • Full-Time


2020-21: $14,470.26 (Total for the program)

  • Fees include all mandatory fees: Activity fee, Health & Dental, Student Association fee, Education Technology fee, Development fee.
  • All amounts are approximate and are subject to change.
  • International students will pay International tuition fees


This program is student loan eligible.

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