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SAME (Supported Access to Modified Education)

This program enables students with cognitive disabilities, who cannot meet entry criteria for regular Okanagan College programs, to access modified versions of those programs. Students will be supported to develop specific vocational skills in a program that has been modified to meet their learning needs. They will also attend a weekly student support class. Successful students will receive an anecdotal grade and a modified certificate.

Admission Requirements

Students who have completed the PACE program

Students may continue into the SAME program based on successful completion of PACE at the SAME standard (80% average) and recommendation of the ASE instructor and the receiving instructor.

Applicants without PACE Completion

Students may enter directly into the SAME program on the recommendation of the ASE instructor and the receiving instructor provided that they meet the PACE Admission Requirements, have an established record of student success behaviours, have a clear and realistic vocational goal based on prior work experience in a field directly related to the chosen SAME Program, and that space is available. Students who are enrolled in or have completed the PACE Program will be given priority access.

Students wishing to enter the SAME program must have specific documentation of disability which indicates that the student cannot meet the entry criteria for a regular Okanagan College program and/or cannot be successful in an unmodified form of a regular program, even with support. Documentation must include one of the following:

  • Psycho-educational assessment

  • Educationally specific documentation from a physician or medical specialist

Applicants without PACE Completion must also provide two letters of recommendation, one letter from:

  • A previous instructor in ABE or ASE, or from a senior secondary teacher. This recommendation must comment on the student's behaviours and attitudes including:

    • Attendance and punctuality

    • Ability to complete work in an accurate and timely manner

    • Response to criticism

    • Interactions with instructors and peers

    • Strategies for coping with stress.

    • Willingness to participate in class activities and group work.

Another letter from:

  • An employment-related agency, advocacy group, employer or workplace supervisor. This recommendation must outline related work experience and comment on:

    • The suitability of the student for the chosen SAME Program based on strengths and abilities demonstrated in the workplace over a period of at least eight weeks.

    • Employability skills such as attendance and punctuality, willingness to work, ability to follow instructions, ability to cope with constructive criticism, and teamwork skills.

Students applying for direct admission into second year must apply eight months prior to the start date of their chosen program.

Employment Connection

LSPM 027 Employment Connection

Employment Connection will provide individualized and small group community access and employment support for Adult Special Education students in their next environment as they bridge the College ASE program and the workplace. The focus will be practical application of skills taught in the PACE program and/or the SAME program. Students will be supported by individualized support to continue their development of the attitudes, values, and behaviours of successful employees. Students may register in this course for a maximum of three semesters.

Prerequisite or corequisite: completion of or registration in either the PACE or SAME program.

Program Area:

Upgrading (AACP/ABE, ASE)

Campus (Intake):

  • Vernon (Feb, Sep)
  • Penticton (Feb, Sep)
  • Salmon Arm (Feb, Sep)
  • Kelowna (Feb, Sep)




  • Part-Time
  • Full-Time


Please contact your campus.

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