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American Sign Language (ASL) Certificate

Three certificates in American Sign Language at the Preparatory, Basic and Intermediate levels include a total of 360 hours of instruction, or 120 hours per certificate. They are designed so participants can achieve progressively greater understanding of sign language and proficiency in its use. The programs are intended for hearing people who are working with deaf people in such capacities as parents, professionals, relatives, instructors and interpreters.

The three certificates are part of a standardized and articulated provincial training program in ASL. Students are required to pass a provincial mastery examination to determine their readiness to advance to the next level of training. Students who complete the intermediate level have the option of participating in an employment proficiency interview conducted by an evaluation team in the Greater Vancouver area, and may apply for admission to the ASL Instructor Diploma program offered by Douglas College. The three levels of training may not be available at every Okanagan College centre.

Admission Requirements

  • Grade 12 or Advanced Level certificate or GED.
  • A criminal record check clearance from the B.C. Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General's Criminal Records Review Office. Okanagan College's admission offices will provide applicants with instructions and forms for applicants to submit to the Solicitor General's Office and a deadline for the College to receive the clearance letter. Applicants should only initiate their criminal record check when instructed by Admissions. Failure to provide a clearance letter by the deadline will result in a cancellation of the applicant's admission application.


Preparatory Certificate
ASL 11 Preparatory Level I
ASL 12 Preparatory Level II
ASL 13 Preparatory Level III
ASL 14 Preparatory Level IV
Basic Certificate
ASL 21 Basic Level I
ASL 22 Basic Level II
ASL 23 Basic Level III
ASL 24 Basic Level IV
Preparatory Certificate
ASL 31 Intermediate Level I
ASL 32 Intermediate Level II
ASL 33 Intermediate Level III
ASL 34 Intermediate Level IV

This program is not currently offered

Program Area:

Continuing Studies




  • Full-Time


ASL Preparatory Certificate: $1,313.76
ASL Basic Certificate: $1,313.76
ASL Intermediate Certificate: $1,313.76
Total Full Program: $3,941.28

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