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Advanced Skills Certificate

This full-time, two-year program is for students who have successfully completed the Basic Skills Certificate - B (BSCB) program, have demonstrate continued growth in their learning, and are committed to full-time attendance. ASC students are expected to demonstrate maturity, independence, and personal responsibility as learners and members of the OC community. In the Advanced Skills Certificate (ASC) Program, course work continues to focus on literacy and math skills, self-management and interpersonal skills, creativity and self-expression, workplace awareness, and skills for increasing independence.

Admission Requirements

  • Successful completion of the BSCB certificate.

Program Outline

Students are required to complete twelve courses, nine core courses and three electives. Courses within the ASC program are not in a required sequence. Courses will be offered in a variety of combinations and a variety of lengths at different centres. Eligible students will be able to enter at the beginning of any semester if space is available. ASE courses are skills-based and are adjusted to meet individual student need. Course work begins at each student's level of competency. Skills aimed at and achieved will vary according to the needs, goals, and abilities of the students. To continue skills development, and to complete the ASC program, students are required to take core courses more than once. Students must attend full-time (three courses per semester). With permission from the department, and as courses are available, students may choose up to four additional electives. Students will have a maximum of two years to complete the ASC Program.

Special Circumstances: Under special circumstances students will be allowed to take longer than two years to complete their program. Circumstances may include:

  1. Lengthy illness - supported by medical documentation

  2. Lack of available courses

ASC Students must complete:

Three courses of any combination of:
LSIN 011B Literacy - English 2
LSIN 013 Literacy - English 3
LSIN 016 Writing Your Life
LSIN 018 Workplace Awareness II
LSIN 019 workplace Awareness III
One course of either:
LSIN 018 Workplace Awareness II
LSIN 019 workplace Awareness III
Four courses of Basic Academics II: Math
LSIN 011A Numeracy - Mathematics 2
Up to two (2) courses of Math II (may be replaced by two courses of:
LSIN 034 Banking, Budgeting and Bill Paying
One course of:
LSIN 020 Human Relations
As of January 2015, the following elective will be added:
- History of People with Intellectual Disabilities in BC

Optional Electives

Additional electives will be available at some centres. Students may choose to take up to four optional electives on permission of the department. The department will consider the following:

  • If there is space, priority will be given to students who require this course to complete their program.

  • If the course content is appropriate for the student at this stage of their learning.

  • If the course load is reasonable for this student given their circumstances and disability/abilities and will not cause overload/burnout.

  • If addition of this course does not make contact hours exceed 24 hours per week.

PACE Students

PACE students may use the following six LSPM courses as replacements for the following six ASC courses:

ASC Course PACE Course
One of Workplace Awareness II or III LSPM Career Exploration
Two Human Relations courses LSPM 003 Workplace Interpersonal Skills A and LSPM 004 Workplace Interpersonal Skills B
One Basic Academics II or III LSPM 001 Strategies for Success A
Two Electives LSPM 022 Strategies for Success B and LSPM 007 Working World A or LSPM 008 Working World B

Students must apply for admission to the ASC (Advanced Skills Certificate) Program before the beginning to their final semester of BSCB. Students have a maximum of two years to complete the ASC Program.

Graduation Requirements

Completion of nine core courses and three electives (12 courses). Courses must be completed within a maximum of two years unless there are special circumstances and approval of the department. Students must achieve a minimum passing grade of 60% in each course with an overall minimum average of 75%.

Program Area:

Adult Special Education

Campus (Intake):

  • Vernon (Feb, Sep)
  • Penticton (Feb, Sep)
  • Salmon Arm (Feb, Sep)
  • Kelowna (Feb, Sep)




  • Part-Time
  • Full-Time


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