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Advanced Certificate in Communication

The Advanced Certificate in Communication provides students with skills in applied communications. Students develop competence in areas such as professional writing, public relations theory and practice, management communications, marketing writing, and visual communication. Completion of the program will provide students with a valuable skill-set, applicable to every potential career. The certificate will be of interest to students who are looking to complement their previous post-secondary experience by focusing on an applied, career-related field. 

The certificate features flexible completion of required courses, allowing students to complete the requirements as part-time and/or evening study. In addition, students can apply six credits of first-year Communications or English earned in previous post-secondary study toward the Advanced Certificate in Communication. 

Admissions Requirements

Successful completion of 60 credits of post-secondary study from Arts, Science, or Business or an Engineering Technology diploma. In addition, students will need to demonstrate one of the two following options:

  1. For students whose 60 credits of post-secondary study are in English as principal language of instruction, a minimum GPA of 67% in the Communications or English courses.
  2. For students whose credits of post-secondary study are not in English as principal language of instruction, an IELTS score of 7.0 with a band no less than 6.5 in each of the four categories (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking) or alternatives as follows:

TOEFL 101 with no score less than 94
Cambridge 192 with no score less than 180
Applicants with tests other than these should connect with Admissions and the Communications department to determine an appropriate score.

Program Outline

The program allows for flexible completion and for student choice. Students can choose to register in whichever of the available Communications and English course are most of interest to them and satisfy the graduation requirements.
Currently available first-year Communications or English courses:
CMNS 100 Introduction to Communications
CMNS 101 Communication Fundamentals
CMNS 110 Introduction to Mass Communication
CMNS 112 Professional Writing I
CMNS 113 Technical Communication for Information Technology
CMNS 120 Journalism Fundamentals
CMNS 122 Professional Writing II
CMNS 123 Analysis and Reporting for Information Technology
CMNS 130 Introduction to Digital Media
CMNS 132 Technical Communication I for Engineering Technology
CMNS 133 Technical Writing and Communications I
CMNS 142 Technical Communication II for Engineering Technology
CMNS 143 Technical Writing and Communications II
CMNS 144 Technical Writing and Communications for Mechanical Engineering
CMNS 152 Writing in Health and Human Services
CMNS 160 Introduction to Film Studies
ENGL 100 University Writing
ENGL 116 Introduction to Creative Writing I
ENGL 126 Introduction to Creative Writing II
ENGL 150 Critical Writing and Reading: Poetry and Drama
ENGL 151 Critical Writing and Reading: Short Fiction and the Novel
ENGL 153 Critical Writing and Reading: Narrative
Currently available second-year Communications courses:
CMNS 200 Communications in the Everyday
CMNS 201 Career Communication & Strategy
CMNS 230 Communication and Culture
CMNS 240 The Culture of Television
CMNS 250 Cultural Industries in Canada
CMNS 260 Topics in Communications
CMNS 270 New Media
CMNS 280 Applied Communication
CMNS 290 Introduction to Video Game Studies
CMNS 295 Directed Studies in Communications
Currently available third-year Communications courses:
CMNS 300 Rhetoric and Persuasion
CMNS 310 Visual Communication & Culture
CMNS 320 Creative Communication
CMNS 330 Public Relations
CMNS 340 Media in Action
CMNS 390 Advanced Communication Issues
Currently available fourth-year Communications courses:
CMNS 495 Directed Studies in Communications

Graduation Requirements

The Advanced Certificate in Communication will be granted upon the successful completion of 18 credits, including six credits of first-year CMNS or ENGL, and 12 additional credits of CMNS, of which at least nine credits must come from courses numbered 300 or higher. Students may apply six credits of first-year CMNS or ENGL earned in previous post-secondary study toward the Advanced Certificate.

Program Area:

Arts (University Studies)

Campus (Intake):

  • Kelowna (Jan, Sep)




  • Part-Time
  • Full-Time


2019-20: 2,505.01

  • Fees listed are for six courses taken in one semester. Depending on the courses selected fees may vary.
  • Fees include all mandatory fees: Activity fee, Health & Dental, Student Association fee, Education Technology fee, Development fee.
  • All amounts are approximate and are subject to change.
  • International students will pay International tuition fees


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