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Accounting Assistant Certificate

This program is for students who have some prior business education or experience, and who wish to specialize as accounting assistants. During the program, students will complete courses in business math and calculators, spreadsheets, databases, manual accounting, and payroll, as well as two different accounting software programs, a capstone course, and a three-week practicum. Graduates of the program may begin immediate employment as accounting assistants in small, medium and large businesses performing accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and general bookkeeping duties. Some graduates of this program may use their accounting skills to establish home-based bookkeeping businesses.

Graduates may continue their education as selected courses are recognized by other organizations such as Okanagan College Business Administration, Canadian Institute of Bookkeeping (CIB) and the Canadian Payroll Association (CPA).

Admission Requirements

  • Graduation from Grade 12 (or equivalent); or mature student status (age 19 and out of full-time secondary for at least one year prior to commencement of the program);
  • Students graduating from secondary school in or prior to 2012: A minimum grade of 67% in Applications of Mathematics 11 or an equivalent Advanced Level Adult Basic Education Mathematics course; or a minimum score of 70% on a basic business mathematics assessment.
    Students entering Grade 10 in or after 2010 and/or completing the new mathematics curriculum: A minimum of 60% in one of Pre-calculus Grade 11, Foundations of Mathematics Grade 11, or Apprenticeship and Workplace Mathematics Grade 11, Workplace Mathematics 11, or the equivalent Advanced Level Adult Basic Education mathematics course or a minimum score of 70% on a basic business mathematics assessment.
  • English 11 with minimum 67% or alternatives; or a minimum score of at least 70% on a basic English comprehension assessment

Proof of completion of a computer fundamentals course such as OADM 167 and a word processing course such as OADM 100 or equivalent. Keyboarding speed (20 wpm) is desirable. Mature students are encouraged to contact the department for a review of prior learning.

Program Outline

One of:
OADM 130 Business Math and Calculators
OADO 130 Business Math and Calculators
One of:
OADM 143 Accounting I
Or both of:
OADO 140 Accounting I
OADO 141 Accounting II
One of:
OADM 142 Payroll Accounting
BACC 243 Payroll Administration
One of:
OADM 152 Accounting Software I
OADO 152 Computerized Accounting
One of:
OADM 155 Accounting Software II
BACC 242 Computerized Accounting II
One of:
OADM 156 Accounting/Bookkeeping Simulation
OADO 156 Integrated Project - Accounting
One of:
OADM 168 Database
OADO 168 Database
One of:
OADM 169 Spreadsheets
OADO 169 Spreadsheets I
One of:
OADM 181 Job Search Techniques
OADO 181 Job Search
One of:
OADM 183 Practicum - Accounting

Graduation Requirements

Graduation from the Accounting Assistant Certificate program requires successful completion of all courses in the program with a minimum grade of 70 per cent in each.

This program is not currently offered

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Office Administration




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